Friday, March 21, 2014

Nature, helping it out.

So. I have been thinking off and on about getting a job at the Coyote Grille. Which is out at the Nature and Raptor center. I went out there today figuring "Yep I'd damned well better get a job." So I did. While I was out there, waiting for the place to open I was looking around the actual nature center itself. They are looking for volunteers to seed, and gather wild crafted seeds of particular varieties. Especially the really rare ones. For example, Showy Milkweed.
Latin name Asclepias speciosa, this picture is from and was taken by
Jim Pisarowicz.This is his linkedin information.  
This nifty little plant is listed as fairly common. It is in fact pretty common. However birds and the like love the seed pods, which make them complicated as all get out to gather. 

I got to spend a little bit of time looking at wild berries, and the like and have gotten highly giddy with the fact that I can use that information for homeschooling the kiddo. In fact that will be part of our science class over the summer. Identification of wild plants, latin names, taxonomy and the like. 
Super excited.

There are a few things to bear in mind when one is looking to wild craft seeds. One, it is against the law with out a permit on federal land. No seriously. That is illegal and there is jail time attached. They will go after you. Don'

You must also be wildly careful not to over gather from areas. Most of these plants are endangered. If you gather every seed from 30 plants, how will they reseed themselves? If you pull the whole thing up by the roots rather than just take a small cutting to grow how on earth will it grow a new one next year? Think. Leave as small of foot print as possible.

Do not place your gathered seeds in plastic. Paper. Preferably acid free paper.
More to come later

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